Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream

Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream

Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream was started in 2009 with a delicious dream by Matt and Melissa Kenny!​ Made from scratch using many local ingredients! Our flavor list is endless and is constantly changing!

About Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream

Our dairy ice cream base is made up of milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks, milk powder, and a small amount of guar gum.  We are definitely not against using natural stabilizers in our ice cream, as it aids in the decrease in ice crystal growth and helps keep it a uniform emulsion (a combination of liquids that don’t normally mix together)- which helps gives our ice cream a delightful and creamy texture, consistently. 
Our non dairy base is solely made up of organic coconut milk, organic sugar, and a small amount of guar gum (for the reasons stated above).

Sweet Melissa’s $5 Shakes at the Press Bay Alley location during Bite:

We make our ice cream completely from our own recipe with minimal ingredients and are known in the area for unique and fun flavors that change regularly! We use this creativity to always have really fun options for milkshakes, featured for this event!

  • Matcha Oreo
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Egg Nog (year round)
  • Svante’s Inferno–named for City of Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick. A chocolate and cayenne milkshake in a caramel drizzled cup!
  • and more, stop in to find out!

Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream shop hours:

Everyday: 12pm – 8pm

Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream Shop is located at 118 W. Green St. in Press Bay Alley 

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