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About Mama Said Hand Pies

Made by hand & baked to perfection, our hand pies feature a flaky, golden crust and fillings that celebrate comforting flavors from around the world. We are located in Press Bay Alley in Ithaca, NY, and when the stars align (occasionally), the Ithaca Farmers Market.

Mama Said is a husband and wife team in Ithaca, NY. They met while working at the Home Dairy Cafe on the Commons.

Mama Said Hand Pies was born out of a desire to serve flavors from all over the world, featuring locally sourced ingredients, especially humanely raised meat, while keeping the food budget-friendly and kid-approved. We take the time to prepare many things the way people did a few generations back. After making our own farmer cheese and queso fresco, using leftover whey in pierogi dough, and then condensing some fresh, local milk, Hiroko said, “It’s like we take the convenience out of food.” Whether it’s making bone broth, cheese, or dough from scratch, Mama Said achieves homemade flavors through the process as well as the ingredients.

Mama Said’s $5 Bites:

  • Coming Soon!

Dining Hours & Service Options:

  • Monday – Saturday: 11:30am – 6:00pm
  • Counter Service
  • Pre-Order Hot Pies with a 45 min lead time. Call 607-280-5941 to order.

Mama Said Hand Pies is located at 118 W. Green St. in Press Bay Alley

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