About Bite

What is Bite and How it works:

Participating restaurants, eateries, and bars will offer $5 “bites” for lunch and/or dinner for the 6 days Bite is going on: December 4-12, 2020.  Locals and tourists alike can enjoy any or all of the $5 menu items.  Create your own culinary experience  of restaurants throughout the week.  Use the Bite Passport to choose your dining options throughout the week.  If you dine-in person or get takeout, have your server initial the passport, or hold on to the receipts to enter the contest.    Collect stamps or server staff initials.  Dine at a couple places throughout the week and you are eligible to enter to win a $100 gift certificate to the participating restaurant of your choice.

Please check all listings.  Some Bites are available for in-person dining only.  Some Bites are available to order over the phone or online too.  Because of the pandemic, we urge you to check in with the restaurant in advance to confirm options.  Please follow all safety guidelines and protocols within each dining establishment.


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